Mind Over Matter

Have to stop hurting myself, hating myself, underestimating myself

I cannot undo any of what has already been done

Nor can I keep picking up my baggage as I turn to run

There are so many ways to destroy yourself

So many ways to just ignore the help

Yes, for me it has been a struggle since day one

Not a single day have I spent on my own basking in the sun

I hide in the clouds

Letting myself get lost amongst the crowds

Allowing my life to be pulled by some unseen current

You’d think a past like mine may act as a kind of deterrent

Wisdom they say is making mistakes and learning not to make them again

I often wish my hurting heart would listen to my clever weary brain

Never even taking notice of the warning signs as I race through the back roads

Like some demonic highway

If I want help I must realize it can’t always be my way

Those who offer opinions aren’t always trying to disagree

Most times they too only wish to set me free

Apparently tho I am not the only one I hide behind this mask

I watch thru the peep holes as helpers turn to monsters before my eyes

Before they can even get near their task

Once again its time to pull down the blinds

I sincerely don’t want to see the world and all humanities crimes

I’m still struggling to find real faces, for in this world it takes all kinds

At last tho I have realized this battered heart has no clue what it needs to find

So from this day forward I vow I will no longer allow it to take the controls from my mind

©2013 Shavon Taylor CloversAllOver.com


10 thoughts on “Mind Over Matter

  1. Did you write this?


  2. Margie Walker says:

    You have a very Beautiful gift ; Your words are intense but true ,
    know that your Aunty will always want for your heart to be healthy and strong.I will always Love you unconditionally no matter what always and forever.


  3. limbiley says:

    Very beautifully put,enjoyed reading it.Thank you.


    • Thank you so much! I’m so glad you did, knowing that people not only read but actually liked it makes me happier than you can imagine. Today I think I might be stuck with a permagrin 😉 ❤ it!!

      Hope you have a wicked weekend I know I will,



  4. Simar says:

    Hi Shavon,
    You are an awesome poet and an awesome person. One day u wud be really famous. Before u wud be so famous I guess I shud take an autograph frm u n also a pic with u lol… I hope u get a great success n a bright future ahead. And just keep confidence in u and u wud achieve whateva u want in life… God Bless ya!!!


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