Saves Me

Saves Me

I honestly don’t think I’ve stayed so quiet in my entire life

I knew not a single word I said could comfort you

As if your frustrations with life weren’t enough 

You’ve now taken on mine too

No matter how hard I wished there was anything I could say

Deep down I knew silence was the only way

For me to actually just keep my mouth shut was really a great feat

I thought of the things I wanted to say, wordlessly in my seat

Holding my breath in attempt to hold back tears

In the void of all noise my head began filling with fears

Fears of loosing you completely

Fears that this quiet would defeat me

As you know I enjoy almost every second spent next to you

Even here mouth clamped shut wondering what I should do

So for now I’ll continue to hold my hopes up real high next to my dreams

Noiselessly pushing away the inner voice trying so hard to scream

I realize you had no intention to hurt me,

In fact that’s the only thing you have ever stated clearly

You even did so right from the start

You never asked me to give you the key to my heart

I swear tho, I will never speak again if the word you’re seeking is goodbye

It’s so hard in this dead air not to allow myself to cry

I’m not sure I will ever get thru to you,

I doubt I’ll even understand you, let alone the things you do

The only thing I do know is this

You really do drive me completely crazy,

Almost as much as you amaze me 


©2013 Shavon Taylor


4 thoughts on “Saves Me

  1. thesewordsiwrite2012 says:

    This is wonderful writing. Keep it up!


    • Wow! Thanks so much, I have tons to post. I have been holding off ever since a friend said WordPress owns anything I post and that I should get my own site. He even offered to help me with the task of setting it up tho now that I’ve bought the domain he has mysteriously disappeared…do you know if his comment was even true? I mean I did copyright everything before posting it. Thanks again for your kind words of encouragement, sincerely appreciated!! Hope your having a wicked weekend 😀

      ~ Shavon


      • thesewordsiwrite2012 says:

        Really? I’ve never heard of WordPress doing anything like that. Wouldn’t surprise me if it were true though. You’re probably fine continuing to copyright your work. Either way, I look forward to reading more of your writing! D.J.


        • The one thing I like about the website idea is getting paid to do what I love by putting up ads on the site…just wish I knew how to actually do that kind of stuff lol! Thanks again for your support, you will be seeing more soon…maybe even tonite 😉


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