“It’s like I just turn off”

Your words, not mine

I just witnessed this power down mere moments after seeing me

Isn’t it supposed to work oppositely?

Instead of turning on, you flick off

Instead of lifting me up, you tear down

You think I do nothing but waste my…and your time

I don’t know if you noticed, but things are not fine!

Tho it may not show, deep down I’m a complete wreck

It’s like my insides are gnawing, feeding on me

Eating a hole so big, I’m surprised you can’t see right thru

I know I act so incredibly tuff and unbreakable, honey don’t you see this is my disguise?

You say you want to see beyond my mask?

Yet when I reveal the truth,  the pain

 Seems you only want to hide

I realize it’s not easy for you either

Pacing your cage, flashing eyes of a tiger

Meanwhile deeper and deeper digging into the dirt searching, reaching  like weeping willows

Tho my purpose for the water is only to wash away my tears

Can’t you see it’s the distance? 

I disdain, loneliness!

One of my greatest fears

Worst of all babe, lately I couldn’t feel more alone even when you’re right beside me

©Shavon Taylor 10/14/15                                                ♥Clovers All Over♥


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