Bad Mix

When we first met planets aligned everything fell into place. Like we were the only ones not fast forwarding their race. The beginning is always sweet but with you…nothing had ever felt so right! Nothing in my life before you fit me so perfectly! Happiness growing with each new day. Who could have forseen the disaster to ensue. Who would have thought mixing a little wildfire with a tiny tormado could create such a stir. In the aftermath just looking around now nothing is at all natural. Nothing left untouched, we destroyed everything in our path while devouring each other. Suddenly  all the other stood for or believed in meant nothing to either of us any longer. Now I know this fact, for myself was a very rude awakening! I can’t imagine myself taking your needs, your desires, your regrets and putting them completely out of mind. I’m so sorry my darling, my dear! My intention was never to drive you so completely crazy! It’s no wonder you could no longer open your eyes at all to even attempt to see me! How could you when all you see is my everything everywhere. My mind, my world, it’s a disaster! The truth is I’m not ashamed, it’s too bad you couldn’t see past you may have found it was the same thing we were both after.



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