Dost Thou Need A Subject; Read Me

When I read your words I no longer know what to think.
Let alone how I feel, how alone I feel.
You checked out so long ago, I almost forgot to check in.
You speak of rain yet nothing of the drain, where all that wetness gathers
You dare not think of it washing over my feet,
it’s not over; tho we both feel defeat
Never was there deceit to cover what was between us.
Tho now I feel I’d almost welcome the comfort, under the numb.
Numb is one of the many things we never could agree upon.
I’ve never had a moment of it, tho I seek it everyday.
You’ve no need to seek it, you boldly live it in every way.
Can you really blame me for not seeing what you now say I mean?
I’m the same me I’ve been!
What say you now all powerful being?
The wolf among a flock of sheep?
The Sheppard to my lil Bo peeps?
What dost thou ask of me?
What shall I shell out now to tear thee back from hell?
Where for art thou Romeo?
Thine Juliet awaits, poison poised upon pursed lips,
Awating a kiss
Who am I trying to kid?
I am no Shakespeare, and you are no Hamlet!
No poison shall be shared!
Tho a kiss may just be enough to wake you.
I know not if it will be enough to take you,
from your long burning flame of anger and anguish.
I just wish….just wait and wish
Tell me love what dost thou say of this?
What dost thou ask of thee?


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