Remind To Confine

You think I say things  just to judge you?

You think you could look for one second past you?

I ain’t tryin’ to push or pull, not even nudge

I know better you won’t budge

You are the man that can’t be moved

So I just pass thru

I must have been confused,

in trying to get you to understand someone like me

If there were anyway to make you even see me,

I would have, please believe me

I don’t know what u saw then.

I don’t know what changed,

I don’t want to do this again.

Go ahead pace, just as your tiger;  you’re caged.

To busy hiding to remember the first time you saw my winged feet.

To busy now to take even a moment to hear me.

No more inquiring mind,

No more arches you seek.

No more love left to find,

Can u blame me now for feeling weak?


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