Blown outta proportion

Right outta range

Contemplated extortion, instead turning a new page

Leaving the bitterness in the blackness where it belongs

Breaking through the storm, ready to blow on 

Startin’ a fire just to watch it burn

Mustn’t forget there’s so much left to learn


Awaiting the next turn

Bright blue skies, clear crystal eyes 

No more disguise

Hiding only hinders the healing heart 

Take advantage of the chance to make a change

Never expect perfection, never push too hard

Feel free to fold this hand, you can always draw a new card

The game is rarely easy, though it’s never really that hard

Remember to always love and to forgive 

Even when you know you could never forget

The last thing you want when looking back is to feel regret

 Heaven knows all we want ain’t always what we will get 


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