Mess Explained?

If you could see in my house

In case you don’t already know

How I keep it shows the level of my meantal clarity

Happy, healthy, light hearted and uplifting

Or down in the dirt, slingin’ the mud

Right at myself 

The more I hurt 

The more I hurt those around me

Like screw it 

They already knew it

I’ll be the first to jump in the mud

I’m in it like a stick 

Ya I’m stuck

Holdin’ on, head heavy 

No point movin’ on quick

On your mark get set, ready?

The fog is thick see that’s the trick

When it rolls me, when it enfolds me

Suddenly sold me on every lie

Tearing myself down 

Next I’m tearing up

On the flip, when I flick the switch

Stark against the sky

Goin’ way outdside the lines

Quick clever wit

Jump on in lets explore

Colder than the dark

Longer than the black

I wanna come back 

Just lacking the spark

Haven’t done nuthin’

Nuthin’s wrong ’round here

Until you look around my room

What’s goin on ’round here

You could never imagine the space

Holes you can see right thru

Like the soul of the excuse

The wisper of the pain 

Lifeless battery



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