New Me

NewMeNew year means time for new you?

Isn’t that what we are all always saying?

Time to reflect, think of all the ways we consider ourselves imperfect.

Time to change, exchange all your bad for some new good

If I could convey one message, to the masses or even just a few

I’d tell you not to change a thing just keep on doin´ you

Forget about the prying eyes

Those who pass judgment will be the first to face it too

Not a single one of us is perfect nor should we aim to be

Don’t waste a single moment on the thoughts in someone else’s head

We have no control of that hamster wheel and they have no power no control over you unless you invite them in

If only we spent time, energy and money only on the things we should

If only we could walk away instead of followin´ the strays

All u gotta do is stay

When you get frustrated or you begin to doubt what it is your all about find a friend who can help, someone who allows u to talk yourself through

New year, new memories, new every thing if  you just allow it to be 


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