Factually Strained

There’s something about this man that makes me smile agaian

Something about him makes me want to be whole again

To pull myself out of this hole and try once again

Now all my words said I question,

Every move made I retrace

Suddenly he’s gone,

Leaving behind nothing more than an empty space

What’s going on?

It’s barely been a while, merely a couple of days

You wouldn’t believe how sincerely I want him near me

It almost scared me how quickly I fell for him

Worse how quickly my fear grew that maybe he withdrew

I recently told a close friend I wished I could meet someone on the same level of my insane or even crazy, then just maybe crazy or insane is not at all what he would see

Instead he might actually see me

No shame, no blame

We could just be this crazy team

No need to play the game to claim our glory

Almost completely in sync, or so I thought

Now I’m back to thinking I’m insane

Once again I’m trying to break up the fight

Which will win tonight?

My heavy heart or my weary brain?

I ask myself does it really matter?

Sitting quietly in the crashing rain

Thinking I can’t be the winner here

Merely patients stretching thinner dear

It can be so hard to look forward to the future when your path is unclear

For now I’ll await anything at all to distract me

From the thoughts of how much I wish when I’d found him I could have finally found it too


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