Obscenely Grey Day for Mike Casaway

I can’t believe he’s gone, not one easily replaced

The day we lost him, the whole world cried.

The rain poured down, just as the tears streamed my face

He lit up any room, awlays sparking the most colourful conversations.

Not so careful, I swear he loved the confrontations?

Never one to fall behind, his was more the power of persuasion.

Wise beyond his years, the man quite honestly surprised me daily.

A lover of games, he just loved to be at play

Always after the laughter.

His verbal linguistics made it damn near impossible to match wits!

He cared for the right reasons and shared more than just feelings, from ideas to ideals.

Always had a point to make and advice if you were smart you’d take!

Don’t let it get too dark now without his guiding light

We all know he’d want us all to fight thru it

I’ll admit I barely knew him and tho I loved him, he will always remain a mystery

To those of you lucky enough to really know him I know you’ll miss him just as much if not more than I already do.

He was taken from us far too soon.



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