What Cha After?

What Cha After

How can one be so selfish, all the while believing everything done is selfless?

Never allowing a single soul to see the feels just to seem so truly alone and helpless

Its senseless at best, lying there claiming to be defenseless

Lies spread round here n there just until they’re scattered everywhere

No matter where we look or where we go, it’s not too late, as time passes they only grow

Pass along the message, right on down the line

Pay no attention to the static on the line, like staring thru the crosshairs: focus down the line

Is there a chance we can keep it straight, maybe not miss the target this time

Maybe not miscount or mislead, sharpen that tongue hun let’s hear your honesty

How bout you bow out cuz all your talking has done nuthin but fill me with doubt

Support? Na we all just suck we tend to let it all fall apart

Silently we stand alone claiming we’re all together

Silently we scream claiming we got it all together

And when none of us are united how are we expected not to fall

Realistically we are all just humans aren’t we al only after it all


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