Stupid Cupid and His Lovely Mess

This stupid cupid has made a lovely mess
Not for quite sum time has he done his best
He’s a drunk, haphazardously flying around with a new toy

His shotgun of love
Loaded with love-bird shot amo he spreads lust and confusion everywhere he goes
In a world so full of delusion can we really expect any less?
Each shot hits more than just two, spreading an array of emotions some just cant wade thru
They drown their sorrows the best way us humans know how to
Drinkin’ up, “Keep ’em comin’, dont lemme see the bottom of that glass
Others they just obsess, oh this love sick game has become such a mess
No longer do we seek a partner rather a patsy for our crimes
Anything to avoid the truth
If u wanna be happy u gotta start with u and see that shit all the way thru


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