Who’s The Fool?

You’re thoughtless, not often on me do your thoughts rest
Restless to the point of reckless
You don’t want to remember tho how could you forget?
Act like it’s okay to let yourself go every day, all you’re doing is accumulating more regrets
Your plate piled high while on the highway you fly
Like papers in the wind your worries fly
For a few brief seconds the weight lifts
You’re weightless, wait less than a second and they hit the road like it’s raining eggs down on your head
How is that brief moment worth all the grief?
Can’t you just own it?
For a few minutes is all it takes really, once you actually face reality
So rarely these things are as bad as they seem
What hurts and haunts the most is the shame, always looking for something or someone to blame
Any reason, anything at all to soften the landing when you fall
What you don’t realize is these excuses are the walls you will fall thru, not the feathers on which you’ll land!
You only make it harder the more you run, as you flee you create a scene
The more you panic the more the pain aches
Your heart, your conscience, your head, even your body will feel weighted down with dread
Soggy sloshy steps drag and pull
Under the water you try to hide
But without air we cannot survive
Taking drugs to get high, so high up in the air
But without the ground how are we to grow?
So you bury yourself deep in the mud
That quickly becomes quicksand
The world around us begins to lose shape, there is only so much we can fake
Only so much damage a soul can take
Battered and tho self inflicted, still bruised
Isn’t she a bitch?
Like anyone cares who you act like you is
The real you, your truth one day please let it shine thru
On that day weightless will come so easily, just you wait and see


One thought on “Who’s The Fool?

  1. Chelsy says:

    Sounds like you are ready to take a step in the right direction, finding your worth is truly something that is easier said than done. Easy to fake or fool yourself into believing you have, but once you truly find your worth, you personal belief that you are worth so much more than you are choosing day in and day out, only then will you have the strength to choose you, your hopes, your dreams, your life you really do deserve above all else. Love you.


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