Got It

Blown outta proportion, right outta range

Some may contemplate extortion

Me? I just turn to new page

Leaving the bitterness in the blackness where it belongs

Breaking through, finally ready to move on

Starting a fire just to watch it all burn

Awakened, awaiting the next twists and turns

Bright blue eyes, clear crystal skies

No longer need the disguise

Hiding only hinders a healing heart

You gotta at least step into the light to let that healing even start

Never expecting perfection, aren’t we all a lil strange?

Take advantage of the chance to make a change

Always remember to love and forgive even when you know you could never forget

Goodness knows all we want is so rarely what we happen to get

Tho isn’t that exactly what makes it worth it?


One thought on “Got It

  1. Phil says:

    All we think we know,
    Is less than what we do,
    we go with the flow
    It’s easier than the truth.
    Wisdom is better than gold
    Yet we ignore the clues
    Ignore the final outcome,
    Pretend the destinations
    are merely happenstance,
    Coincidental situations
    We could instead analyze
    Choose to face our fears
    Instead we struggle and try
    To avoid shedding tears
    We don’t want to hurt, We hate being scared
    so we base our lives on percentages
    Hoping to be prepared
    But we never are
    We look for hurt scared of impending doom
    Trying to protect our broken hearts
    Never truly making room
    For anyone else
    Too focused on self
    Justified though we may seem
    To believe that we can heal ourselves
    Is only just a dream
    The only way healing can occur
    Is by the great Creator
    Use your logic and think it through
    If your the one that’s broken
    You can’t fix you
    It requires a special something
    The touch of the Master’s Hand
    To fix the broken instrument
    And make beautiful music once again

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