Within, It’s What I See

Did I actually believe you every time you said I love you and goodbye?

Do you wonder if I believed every single lie?

That’s like asking if I believed blue is the colour of the sky,

Or if rainbows really are the sun’s way of shining beauty thru the tears the heavens cry.

I believed because I believed in you,

Because I saw the good thru all the bullshit and thought I could help it shine too!

Not because I am stupid, not cuz I don’t see thru it,

Rather because I chose not to believe all the negativity.

I chose not to be a victim of the doubt, not to see only what others perceived.

Quite the opposite really, where most are blind, that’s where I try to see!

When most disregard ones word, when most disregard the light and instead go by what they heard.

I choose to ignore the naysayers and the nonbelievers

I implore the way seers, the under and over achievers, question not what you see.

Question those who try to skew your view, shift your sight.

Question those who tell you what you see isn’t right.

Forget what they think you should know, even forget what they preach.

Deep down you know the real truth, the one they can’t keep hidden from you

You know! So don’t let them pass judgment, just let them pass by

No need to guide them, don’t even try

You may not have all the answers and those you do are only to the questions they refuse to seek.

Remember most important of all do not let hatred seep into your vision.

Do not let it taint or cloud your view, remember your mission and stay true to you.

Follow the road less traveled follow only your heartbeat.

Take time to smell the roses don’t envision them thrown at your feet.

We are no greater than one another.

We are merely a part of something left to be discovered.

We must work together towards the greater good and never forget the path we have lead.

Truth is all we must seek nothing in between.

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