Walking through the drugstore not thinking of you at all
In fact last few days you’ve rarely crossed my mind
Then there you are out of nowhere
Suddenly you knocked me right off my feet, when
You crashhhed into me
The memories of you whisper singing to my ear so softly
I once loved u madly now all thats left is mad
I don’t know when things started going downhill or how it ever got this bad
I don’t know when I lost you
Tho I know you’re no longer next to me
Maybe it’s just me but it all seemed to fall so suddenly
I could never have imagined it would end like this
I just can’t make sense of how we got from there to here
Once tied up and twisted was the way I liked to be
Now its my emotions stuck, jumbled up inside of me
I wish we could start over again We’ve been tossed overboard instead
Cast away are the things we once thought we’d forever cherish
Lost as my thoughts we are
Out at sea
Out of sight
Out like a light
Without a fight
Can’t let you swim around my head no more
Can’t kick you out of my dreams
Can’t kick you out of this store
Please tell me how it got so sore
How we lost it all and we still pretend everything’s ok
Tell me how
Tell me if we could do it over would you still ask
“Show your world to me”
Was it all just too much for you?
Quiet now
This relationship left lifeless
shhhhhh into me n I come into…..


My last unheard words.

I thought for a moment you were almost human, like you almost cared

I have no problem admitting I’m wrong, unlike you I’m not scared!

I know you don’t like being wrong in fact I’m sure you despise it.

So don’t mind if I take a minute to rewind it.

I’d like to point out just a wee thing or two wrong with you.

I realize now it’s not just me you lie to, we both know you lie to you too.

Don’t bother trying to convince me you were and are happy before and without me.

You do not trust, you doubt me.

The funny thing is you’re so stuck, it’s stupid.

Once long ago I saw it in your eyes, you too had been struck by that drunk prick Cupid.

You went thru my things seeking anything to use to fuel your fire of distrust!

At once I read your look of disgust.

You did everything in your power to tear yourself away.

What I don’t understand is why you think you have to pretend everything is okay.

For a few days a friend floated up from the past and you let your guard down.

I’ll admit it was actually kinda nice having him around.

For 3 amazing days you let me in, a place I knew you’d never let me be again let alone stay.

To allow yourself to be happy just isn’t your way.

I’d never seen you so happy before nor a glimpse even since.

If you won’t tell me, at least admit to yourself it was nice feeling the warmth of someone else.

You held my hand, danced fingers lightly on my skin, even snuggled in close that day we slept in.

I almost feel sorry for you, living in anger just to ensure no one can hurt you.

I’ve told you more than once and proved many times I am truly incapable of telling lies.

Sadly now even if you changed your mind, it’s too late cuz you already changed mine.

I would have loved you, put none above you.

Now it’s too late and I’m not sorry to say it’s too bad cuz I really did love you.

©Jan 27 2018

Byte of the Apple

So misconstrued the idea of the ideal.

Misfits have no place here!

You can’t keep, there’s no space here!

Memories immobilized

Since when are these times to close our eyes?

Choosing not to see is no different than following blindly!

Masses of misinformed, misguided souls find their ways here.

They lie for days here,

Not realizing all they seek never stays here.

The truth my friends is not what pays here.

Lost are those iFound

Lost are those who’re iPhone bound.