Within, It’s What I See

Did I actually believe you every time you said I love you and goodbye?

Do you wonder if I believed every single lie?

That’s like asking if I believed blue is the colour of the sky,

Or if rainbows really are the sun’s way of shining beauty thru the tears the heavens cry.

I believed because I believed in you,

Becaise I saw the good thru all the bullshit and thought I could help it shine too!

Not because I am stupid, not cuz I don’t see thru it,

Rather because I chose not to believe all the negativity.

I chose not to be a victim of the doubt, not to see only what others perceived.

Quite the opposite really, where most are blind, that’s where I try to see!

When most disregard ones word, when most disregard the light and instead go by what they heard.

I choose to ignore the naysayers and the nonbelievers

I implore the way seers and the under and over achievers question not what you see.

Question those who try skew your view shift your sight.

Question those who tell you what you see isn’t right.

Forget what think you should know, even forgot what they preach.

Deep down you know the real truth, the one keep hidden from you

You know so don’t let them pass judgment, just let them pass by

No need to try to guide them, don’t even try

You may not have all the answers but those you do are only to the questions they refuse to seek.

Remember most important of all do not let hatred seep into your vision.

Do not let it taint cloud your view, remember your mission and stay true to you.

Follow other he road less traveled follow only your heartbeat.

Take time to smell the roses don’t in vision them thrown at your feet.

We are not greater than one another.

We are merely a part of something left to be discovered.

We must work together towards the greater good and never forget the path we have lead.

Truth is all we must seek nothing in between.


Are You Game?

Exciting sights

Biting sounds

Tingling touch

Tightening feels

Breathless taste

Every sense has been heightened

Dark be enlightened


Fight it!

Spark ignited

Flames blushing cheeks

Blood rushing, weak

Tear, ripping sheets

Stare, facing fate

Care, no mistakes

Daringly baring

Naked emotions

No potions

Nothing to hide here

No need to lie

Sharing the ride

Come on inside

Take a look around

If you seek, seek to be found

Leaps out of bounds

Sleep, just not now

Peak, hearts pound

Top it is now?

Stop? But how?

Startlingly starting

Here and now

Clearly I vow

Got this steering right now

The end and anew

Bending, not to break

Love is the stake

I raise, I’m all in

Amazed cuz he’s callin’

To bluff ain’t enough

If it’s real we both win

Life is the game

Are you holding the same?

Tell me you’re in

Now we begin


Every one of us walks around pretending every day

Like we don’t ever feel the pain

Like there’s no rightful reason to feel it without shame

As if all the wrong was self-inflicted

Should not those who have wronged us be the ones convicted?

Why we torture ourselves with the blame I can’t even begin to explain

Why do we feel we must prove our selves to no one but ourselves as we push our way thru each day

No matter the lack of or actual sense in the arguments of those trying to help honestly seems to make no difference

You’d almost think I enjoyed all we’ve endured for why else would we do it?

Why continue to love the unobtainable?

Feed the unsustainable, fill what’s never drainable

Fighting the inevitable, hiding the uncontainable,  hold the unrestrainable

Still pretending we’re not somewhat unstable

Yet we’re barely able to get up let alone move on

Barely breathing yet we carry on

Looking at the world today, I have trouble pretending

Not For Anyone, For Everyone

The ability to look forward open-heartedly

The Optimist clearing the the foggy mist of the pessimist to see clearly

Waiting only to witness the universe in it’s infinite instances

Experiencing all the appearances

Seeing only beauty in all it’s deliriousness

The dizzying feeling of taking flight

Grounded, still reeling

It’s that falling

A feeling so fleeting

Sitting, standing or walking be proud

Be tall cuz you know,

You got up, after all

Sure maybe you missed a shot

Just remember who caught the pass

Never have I seen anyone move that fast

Truth and deliverance

Bound to drive or serve

Either way you have to pay to play

Resilience is merely brilliance that managed to stand the test of time

Tell Me

Tell me what you think, tell me how you feel

Tell me in one word what makes emotions real?

What makes a person believe they are right or even wrong?

What makes a person believe they don’t deserve to be happy?

Like they don’t deserve, or some how can’t even observe Love?

What makes me so sorry?

What makes you shy away?

Tell me is there anything I could say to make a mind change?