Reconditioning Me Too

What may not make a difference to most may make a world of difference to a few

It’s all in personal preference, honestly just how are you to know

I only wish more would attempt to gain a sense of what’s important 

Everyone has their own ways, those little things that drive them insane or may leave them feeling incomplete

Some it seems even claim these as “needs” and declare it to be set in stone

One may actually come completely undone, demanding you must learn

Sure to set the tone voicing with contempt, their disgust of your utter disregard or unconcern

An entire day may suffer for the underestimation of importance of such seemingly petty things

In this particular instance how could you have known the significance

Suddenly they’ve got you walking a wire without a hint of realization

For you something so superficial or miniscule would make not a bit of difference

No reason you should suffer consequence for a specification you were never even shown

You should not be held accountable for others lack of sharing, it’s not for lack of caring

Sadly not having the knowledge of their requirements was through no fault of your own

If they seem to be unstable; if words spoken when they protest lack tact, no manners shown

If they start tearing u to shreds with merely a vehement voice maybe it’s time to tell them to go home

No need for u to heed such anger nor to accommodate such impossible requests when they become so irate

Ignore the frustration wrongfully directed at you and say “Sorry friend that’s the best I can do”

©2015 Shavon Taylor ♥CloversAllOver♥



Take care when you unravel. 
Take care when you lift the veil.
See the storm swirls so ravenously,
Yet you hold the power to unravel me. 

A wife you may see so,
Do so tenderly when you lift that veil.
I will not lie and say I am not a mess.
Truth be told, I am everything I am meant to be!

I do not try to love you,
This comes o so naturally.
Do not be scared to see me
Do not fear you can not save me, 
For you already have!

Unravelled, unveiled, unbelievably,
You already understand how to stand beside and behind me!

So take care when you take me,
For when you do you will forever have ALL of me!


Imperfection meets impurity?

Binded or blinded, it’s insecurities to which we are bound

Losing sight or losing grip?

It’s all the same just another slip

A slight misstep or a complete free fall

Does it honestly matter after all?

We should be looking forward expectantly instead we focus on all we lack

Refusing to remember reflectively, must we tear everything apart dissectingly?

Decisively deciding each choice made was not chosen but was inevitability

Can we not see the goodness left, only all that has been destroyed?

Change isn’t always for the best tho sometimes you’d be surprised

Just remember you’re not so different from the rest, nor are you the same

©2015 Shavon Taylor “CloversAllOver”

Except Me

Seems we’re always caught in some old struggle

Same long list of problems we keep tryin’ to juggle

Never thinkin’ maybe to eliminate a few

Nope instead we try to imitate the rest of you

No time to actually investigate the view

Only lookin’ for what it takes just to make it thru

Letting love and life intimidate until intimate moments become so few

No guide against which to judge exactly what the tone meant

Instead I’m stuck watching butterflies flutter by with my x-ray vision

This resembles no part of what I envisioned

All that I’ve come to know so well, and absolutely adore

I see thru now and I must say it somehow sickens me

Those butterflies become moths eating away at me

I search and I wish to see a glimpse of the loving feeling yet it is of no more

It’s not merely my heart but my sanity and serenity I’m no longer sure I can restore

Here and now at my worst you will not accept me?

Then when I finally reach my best I would suggest you not expect me

○©2015 Shavon Taylor “CloversAllOver”