Isn’t it funny how people just judge

Thinking they know you just on whats perceived

Act like they know you cuz of your scene

Like what goes on around you somehow defines you

Yep you best believe they’ll deny you

Based on all the gossip

What else do you expect them to see

The picture is painted long before the numbers where drawn

No one starts with a stripped canvas

No one’s blank

Blanketed inbetween the sheets

Of music, of rain, of paper

Wrapped in pain

Paint by numbers

Aren’t we all one in the same

Don’t we all lose the same in this game

Tell me your different, show me your truth

Out in the open quit trying to hide

Maybe the road, the price, the sacrifice is too high

We all hear the whispers, we all feel the shame, just the chosen few get out

The ones who deep down just knew

We all deserve freedom

We all make the choice

Those who take the time to see thru

Those who show love to any and all

They are the ones who realize for love you don’t have to fall

To win you might have to fail

We can chose to live for love and love to live

To forget and forgive every wrong

For those brave enuf to actually live

They are the ones who continue to live on LONG AFTER THEY’RE GONE



How life can knock you down

How someone can so easily pick you up

All it takes is a word or two, even just a small gesture can help to turn it around

In the same breath tho they can tear you right back down

No matter the intetion, no matter the content 

The words falling from lips you were just longing to kiss slice the thought rite outta yer brain

Where butterfly’s once gathered now empty, even of air

Hollow void, once again my castles gone

Wiped out  by the tide crashing down on my shores

I can’t watch again as it washes away yet again 

So on I go restarting the foundation, no point trying to repair

 or re-pair

Once again wadding in the ocean

I think I’ll leave the building for now 

Funny how we give up, funny how we just walk away 

Don’t watch while I suffocate the hatred 

You might see what I grow inside

For now I’ll lay back and relax maybe float on out to with that same tide

If you see me drifting too far out just think isn’t that funny that coulda been me

Eye Contend

I hide in plain sight, while I wish I were invisible

I remain completely untouchable, no I’m not invincible

Untraceable, unreachable though never unteachable

Playfully taunting, no I’m not a tease please understand

Coy remarks paired with the smile I weild, don’t you see these are my shield?

Not many do, so few gain even a glimpse of me

Those who do, know to always look me in the eyes

No matter the moment, the mood or subject matter my eyes will always betray me 

Learn to read the message sent, not to be rude but pay attention to looks I flash between the banter 

That glimmer of emotion is all you need to see right through me

The way I see through all of you

So few are clever enough to feel the weight of my glare

My gait, my smile, laughter, interest all so easily feigned

If you really want to read me, look me in the eyes and see how quickly you surmise