Bite of the Apple

For those who see this as some sort of status symbol, let me take you to the start when times were simple

The first bite of the apple as most well know was the very first sin

The first crack in the perfection we’d thought we lived in

Weather the Serpant, Adam or Eve truth be told it don’t matter what you believe, it’s all in what you know

Some believe a simple handheld device has the power to make them part of a higher class, little do they know the money wasted on complete trash

I mean they may as well be constructed entirely of glass, much like Cinderella’s slipper

Tho this story is far more like Snow White, not simply because they have already taken that fatal bite

I wonder what of the flavour bitter or sweet, did deceit taste similar to defeat

Herded amongst the masses, what’s one more sleepy sheep?

All the while they conduct your dreams, a forceful break from reality

Every night faces lit up by screens, what ever it takes to distract from the sound of their neighbours screams

Fear mongering scare tactics not allowing any to speak truth, instead spewing poisonous perversion to soak into our youth

Tracking movements, capturing moments, slowly replacing memories

Some think these devices will insure their status among their peers, yet these same people too aren’t all they appear

Some drink, we all have vices. Some can’t stand is, let them ease their own fears, all they gotta do is grab the wheel n steer

You’d think they’d be leading if they knew so much better

Treating every attack as tho it’s legal chasing your bill just to run ‘er up

Following the snake up the tree, drinking his venom from a sippy cup

Its clear to see not one believe they are equals not even close, everyone is a runner up

Lulled into a false sense of security, when the spell breaks it’s intense and you’re unsure if he’s killed you or if it’s just hell on earth

Pretty bad I guess if the manufacturer had to install suicide nets to save their employees from the eternal escape

Yes the people who build your precious bffs literally built them with blood, sweat, and tears

Still it’s not “The Man” anyone of us fears?

Sickness and injustice everywhere we turn yet we turn on each other and it’s our homes we burn?

Does no one else see what’s happening here, is the smoke still burning your eyes or do you think you ever saw clearly?

Glasses won’t help I’m afraid dear, it’s more than just seeing, it’s more than you hear, you have to feel in your soul that something is very wrong here

If that’s not the case for you I’m sorry to say they already got to you

It’s time we raise up our arms and refuse to be farmed and fooled hell, even framed by those we all know but none dare to name

Just like life on iCloud 9 once after a couple upgrades or a lil dated they no longer update it, won’t trade it, just wothless now that your finally comfortable with the changes and rearranging n they swap em up again can

Can’t say I’m a fan of this game they play


Not For Anyone, For Everyone

The ability to look forward open-heartedly

The Optimist clearing the the foggy mist of the pessimist to see clearly

Waiting only to witness the universe in it’s infinite instances

Experiencing all the appearances

Seeing only beauty in all it’s deliriousness

The dizzying feeling of taking flight

Grounded, still reeling

It’s that falling

A feeling so fleeting

Sitting, standing or walking be proud

Be tall cuz you know,

You got up, after all

Sure maybe you missed a shot

Just remember who caught the pass

Never have I seen anyone move that fast

Truth and deliverance

Bound to drive or serve

Either way you have to pay to play

Resilience is merely brilliance that managed to stand the test of time

Tell Me

Tell me what you think, tell me how you feel

Tell me in one word what makes emotions real?

What makes a person believe they are right or even wrong?

What makes a person believe they don’t deserve to be happy?

Like they don’t deserve, or some how can’t even observe Love?

What makes me so sorry?

What makes you shy away?

Tell me is there anything I could say to make a mind change?

Trade a lil Luck for a lil Love?

Trade a lil Luck for a lil Love?

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