Walking through the drugstore not thinking of you at all
In fact last few days you’ve rarely crossed my mind
Then there you are out of nowhere
Suddenly you knocked me right off my feet, when
You crashhhed into me
The memories of you whisper singing to my ear so softly
I once loved u madly now all thats left is mad
I don’t know when things started going downhill or how it ever got this bad
I don’t know when I lost you
Tho I know you’re no longer next to me
Maybe it’s just me but it all seemed to fall so suddenly
I could never have imagined it would end like this
I just can’t make sense of how we got from there to here
Once tied up and twisted was the way I liked to be
Now its my emotions stuck, jumbled up inside of me
I wish we could start over again We’ve been tossed overboard instead
Cast away are the things we once thought we’d forever cherish
Lost as my thoughts we are
Out at sea
Out of sight
Out like a light
Without a fight
Can’t let you swim around my head no more
Can’t kick you out of my dreams
Can’t kick you out of this store
Please tell me how it got so sore
How we lost it all and we still pretend everything’s ok
Tell me how
Tell me if we could do it over would you still ask
“Show your world to me”
Was it all just too much for you?
Quiet now
This relationship left lifeless
shhhhhh into me n I come into…..