I do not claim to be a rapper, strange the things that come out when you just allow them to. When I wrote this I remember imagining that I was already famous, to be honest it usually isn’t very often I am this confident! It felt good though, really good to not only be proud of my work but surprised by it as well! I never expected to write something like this yet I’m VERY glad I did! Hope you enjoy! For those who don’t like explicit lyrics, you may want to skip this one, tho it may be worth the read…

Time to take this world by storm
Just wait ’till they  see what I got in store
Fakes n phonies just thrown to the floor
That’s rite I’m at the plate n it ain’t dinner time, nor commercial, industrial, nope not even coffee break
Imma crash down on em all so f*ckin hard, you’ll feel thunder shake the earths core
Next comes lightning flash so brite ya lose sight
Blinded, so now how u think you gonna fight?
My fame’s gonna spread like a bad rash
Albums passed ‘round like free cash
Everybody wants their piece of my sweet, sweet pie
Guess what b*tches none of y’all were there
Not quite fair, you didn’t see me n my inevitable fate
I bet sum people even getting a lil irate cuz ya just didn’t stack up
Now you’re claiming you’re rite there,
Like now your my back up?
Too good for me then, or just too f*ckin soup solid pretendin’ to be friends?
In reality you just had your backs up
You didn’t stand up when ya heard em talkin sh*t
That’s ok tho, that’s when I was busy writn’ this sh*t
News flash: I don’t give a f*ck ‘bout you
Sure I did then, back when I thought you saw the power in me
Na, powerless more like what you thought of me
Instead of help you just tried takin’ advantage of me
Funny thing is: Good things come to those who wait
Treatin me like lower class, trailer trash or better yet just 2nd rate?
Not once did you offer to clear your plate
Banquet hall sittin’ in front of me then,
Now you come to me wantin’ your just desserts?
Most of y’all aint gonna like it…Mud pie, extra worms
F*ck sum of you I’d pay to watch eatin ‘em while they squirm
You just laughed while u watched me fall
Well now how bout you uncry those tears?
Nope! It’s exactly what you feared
This sleeping beauty just woke the f*ck up
Grabbed a hoover n sucked her sh*t up
Many ppl who claim they knew me back when, they never knew me
N I aint givin’ another clue out for free
I was an open book to anyone who’d listen as I was tryin’ to find myself
Now I remind myself, I did it by myself and I’d do it again 
True I’ve f*cked up ain’t saying that’s why I’m proud
Everyone slips, sum stumble sometimes even completely crumble 
Maybe just for now I forgot to be humble, but now is my time to shine so I think it’s Okay, like you knew me? 
Who the f*ck am I today???


Who The F*ck Are You?