Dr.Phil Impressions Part 1

You said this is why you never mention things, “cuz it always turns into a pissing contest

I’m sorry dear I must contest, you haven’t mentioned shit since day one

I’ve been workin’ on tearing your walls down since our Dr.Phil left

I really must confess, that’s the happiest you’ve ever made me

Sad to know you gotta be a complete mess to even act like you might being ’round me

I’ll never forget that morning or the sweetness towards me

“Good morning beautiful!”

The exact words outta your mouth

All day long you held me near and kept calling me “Dear”

Tho we both know it wasn’t only Phil that transformed you

I’ll tell you right now if I could gain you back with one pill I still wouldn’t want you to take it

I want to find something real, don’t want you to hafta fake it

Just thought I’d let you know whats on my mind, no contest here it’s happiness I seek to find