How life can knock you down

How someone can so easily pick you up

All it takes is a word or two, even just a small gesture can help to turn it around

In the same breath tho they can tear you right back down

No matter the intetion, no matter the content 

The words falling from lips you were just longing to kiss slice the thought rite outta yer brain

Where butterfly’s once gathered now empty, even of air

Hollow void, once again my castles gone

Wiped out  by the tide crashing down on my shores

I can’t watch again as it washes away yet again 

So on I go restarting the foundation, no point trying to repair

 or re-pair

Once again wadding in the ocean

I think I’ll leave the building for now 

Funny how we give up, funny how we just walk away 

Don’t watch while I suffocate the hatred 

You might see what I grow inside

For now I’ll lay back and relax maybe float on out to with that same tide

If you see me drifting too far out just think isn’t that funny that coulda been me


Reconditioning Me Too

What may not make a difference to most may make a world of difference to a few

It’s all in personal preference, honestly just how are you to know

I only wish more would attempt to gain a sense of what’s important 

Everyone has their own ways, those little things that drive them insane or may leave them feeling incomplete

Some it seems even claim these as “needs” and declare it to be set in stone

One may actually come completely undone, demanding you must learn

Sure to set the tone voicing with contempt, their disgust of your utter disregard or unconcern

An entire day may suffer for the underestimation of importance of such seemingly petty things

In this particular instance how could you have known the significance

Suddenly they’ve got you walking a wire without a hint of realization

For you something so superficial or miniscule would make not a bit of difference

No reason you should suffer consequence for a specification you were never even shown

You should not be held accountable for others lack of sharing, it’s not for lack of caring

Sadly not having the knowledge of their requirements was through no fault of your own

If they seem to be unstable; if words spoken when they protest lack tact, no manners shown

If they start tearing u to shreds with merely a vehement voice maybe it’s time to tell them to go home

No need for u to heed such anger nor to accommodate such impossible requests when they become so irate

Ignore the frustration wrongfully directed at you and say “Sorry friend that’s the best I can do”

©2015 Shavon Taylor ♥CloversAllOver♥