Miss The Abyss

Shed away all the madness It’s time to taste bliss

A moments hesitation creates only a chance to flee

Forget the silly notions of picture perfect proclivity

Letting it stop, considering the possibility

Merely tears open the abyss

That solitary secret, silence swirling seductively

Orbiting convoluted conscience, not allowed to see

Smoke screen, sweet scene, losing lucidity

Nightmares vs. Daydreams

Or could this be, the real thing staring back at me?

Trust in me as I trust in you

The rush of each kiss, washes away all doubt

The warmth in every embrace, a summery wind upon my face

You grant each and every wish, while I am at your whim

Tiger like territoriality, come take a bite outta me

The beauty beheld in our future, I cannot wait to see

©2015 Shavon Taylor                                    ♥CloversAllOver♥



A wrecking ball comes crashing through

Tearing down all the walls around you

A life altering step forward or downward falter

It depends on how you look at the land

Do you see what could be or hold on to the memory of what use to stand

Do you shed light on the darkness or dwell on what you miss

Would you choose to love those you have hurt or hurt those that you love

In the garden do you play in the dirt or would you prefer gloves

Rainy days I swear are the best, no silence to be found

Do you enjoy or protest, soaking up the sounds or search for dry ground

So much you can tell of a person by what causes their misery

So hard to tell fairy tales from mysteries

We’ve all got our story, our own version of perversion

If we could all just remember the past is history and each day is a chance to make happier memories

Maybe we’d all be just a lil more carefree

©2015 Shavon Taylor                                    ♥CloversAllOver♥


I lay awake at  night wondering how it all went so wrong

How could I let life slip away from me yet again?

How do I fix anything if I’m not sure how it’s broken?

How do I fix my heart if it’s no longer mine to repair?

How will I find happiness when all I see around me is sorrow?

Pain tends to be my closest friend, love the enemy I constantly battle

When I’m alone I try not to think, my heart plays tricks on my mind

I feel everything is best while it all falls upon the floor

How do I pick up the pieces of this shattered time

These hands, my hands are frozen, motionless just below the surface

I’m left grasping at thin air, one day I know I will find something solid

Until that day I’ll wear my mask of happiness for all to see, meanwhile hidden behind is a broken form of me

Happiness is the easiest emotion for others to see me portray, so readily believed

No one questions what seems so normal on the outside

If only you could see through the layers of this facade, or the energy it takes to maintain this image 

This game feels never-ending, certain to drag on 

Soon I will find a way love myself for myself

On that day I will find my own true happiness

©2010 CloversAllOver Shavon Taylor