Not For Anyone, For Everyone

The ability to look forward open-heartedly

The Optimist clearing the the foggy mist of the pessimist to see clearly

Waiting only to witness the universe in it’s infinite instances

Experiencing all the appearances

Seeing only beauty in all it’s deliriousness

The dizzying feeling of taking flight

Grounded, still reeling

It’s that falling

A feeling so fleeting

Sitting, standing or walking be proud

Be tall cuz you know,

You got up, after all

Sure maybe you missed a shot

Just remember who caught the pass

Never have I seen anyone move that fast

Truth and deliverance

Bound to drive or serve

Either way you have to pay to play

Resilience is merely brilliance that managed to stand the test of time


Except Me

Seems we’re always caught in some old struggle

Same long list of problems we keep tryin’ to juggle

Never thinkin’ maybe to eliminate a few

Nope instead we try to imitate the rest of you

No time to actually investigate the view

Only lookin’ for what it takes just to make it thru

Letting love and life intimidate until intimate moments become so few

No guide against which to judge exactly what the tone meant

Instead I’m stuck watching butterflies flutter by with my x-ray vision

This resembles no part of what I envisioned

All that I’ve come to know so well, and absolutely adore

I see thru now and I must say it somehow sickens me

Those butterflies become moths eating away at me

I search and I wish to see a glimpse of the loving feeling yet it is of no more

It’s not merely my heart but my sanity and serenity I’m no longer sure I can restore

Here and now at my worst you will not accept me?

Then when I finally reach my best I would suggest you not expect me

○©2015 Shavon Taylor “CloversAllOver”