Every one of us walks around pretending every day

Like we don’t ever feel the pain

Like there’s no rightful reason to feel it without shame

As if all the wrong was self-inflicted

Should not those who have wronged us be the ones convicted?

Why we torture ourselves with the blame I can’t even begin to explain

Why do we feel we must prove our selves to no one but ourselves as we push our way thru each day

No matter the lack of or actual sense in the arguments of those trying to help honestly seems to make no difference

You’d almost think I enjoyed all we’ve endured for why else would we do it?

Why continue to love the unobtainable?

Feed the unsustainable, fill what’s never drainable

Fighting the inevitable, hiding the uncontainable,  hold the unrestrainable

Still pretending we’re not somewhat unstable

Yet we’re barely able to get up let alone move on

Barely breathing yet we carry on

Looking at the world today, I have trouble pretending