Drip Drop

Just as I once again began to believe that there might actually be some one out there who really gets me.

I told myself it’s okay to open up, so I could invite you in.

Believing your intentions to be perfectly pure,

I looked past all our imperfections.

Facing the sun not a cloud in the sky, in all directions as far as my eye could see.

Suddenly I find myself caught in a shower of realization that maybe to me love truly is blind.

Feeling the wetness upon my cheeks while regaining the strength back in my knees.

“These drops didnt fall from these eyes did they?”

Surely they couldn’t have fallen from such an amazingly clear sky?

I was working on our foundation, could it be the irrigation burst on me?

Maybe it’s condensation?

Or is it just a lack of consideration?

Talk is cheap you see when it’s just tounge n cheek.

So I climb back into bed wide awake awaiting sleep.

Dreams can be so deceiving, especially when you chose to ignore the screams.

Please do not wake me, I fear how far I fell!

So tired now yet I still wonder “How?”

How can words be so hollow, how can this hurt be do damn hard to swallow?

How did I let n myself get back here, how did I let my guard down again?

So close I was to belief!

How close it feels to defeat, now I seek nothing but relief.

A stop to the sadness amongst my madness.

I’d much rather stay dry as I lie in my bed than to walk in the rain while you lie tellin me it’s sunny every day!

©2019 Shavon Taylor Cloversallover