How is paper so improperly imposed?

Pushed down the throats of any and all and it shows!

Evil and vile the seekers behaviour.

Yet none stand trial?

More money means meeker the saviour.

Walking on water or so they’d have you believe.

Meanwhile they’re paying to have you deceived.

The rule makers and breakers so often one in the same.

Whoever holds the funds decides who takes the blame.

Watch how it’s done if you think you’ve got what it takes to play.

Just know you can always be outdone.

Winners are not chosen, those positions are bought.

Truth is not common knowledge nor commonly shared let alone sought.

If and when you’re right you should probably be scared, don’t matter if you came prepared.

Numbers are always rising.

Wondrous how some find it surprising when their number is up and it’s the end.

I don’t know how to change any of it for now, so don’t mind if i just sit.

While numbers fill the clips, I continue to fill the blanks.

Reminding myself to give thanks, for I am not another lost in the ranks!

Leaving my money lost in the banks.

Where wealth flows like rivers do and bloodbaths like children do.