Heads or Tales

For decades now we have had fairy tales as a guideline for our expectations of love

These happily ever afters tho just aren’t quite honest enough

We have been programmed since we were lil girls

Love is tough, damn near impossible

It’s all just so implausible

Unfathomable really

With sleeping spells and dwarves, prickels and swords, frogs of prince’s and mice of men

How in the world would you expect love to be obtained with a plot so bloody insane

Every single story always ends the same

Staring off into the sunset in a ceremony where she takes his name

Why can’t these tales be more realistic

Maybe a collar or two covered in lipstick

Instead of a prince why not a prick with a huge dick

One you don’t wanna lose yet he don’t care and he’s never there

Why is it we allow ourselves to become so scared

Scared to be hurt, scared to be alone, scared ours too will become a broken home

People act as tho this hurts more than broken bones

As if its the equivalent to physical pain as you watch a part of you walk away

It blows my mind the excuses people find to make unacceptable behavior seem okay

Whatever it takes to make them stay

The way we think sickens me, it’s twisted and wrong