Life Of The Unknown

A whole new life awaits just around the bend

Beware of the jagged rocks scattered throught the trail

Low hanging vines threaten to strangle your sight

Sure footing the only way to continue forward

The key to making it happen?

A stable foundation, knowing where you stand

All the while never sure where the path may lead

Hopping from one moment to the next

Seeking stability in each step

Every hand reaching from the darkness has it’s own agenda

It’s own mark to leave in your past

Some lifting, gliding, guiding palms

Others crushing, punching, punishing fists

Watch your step,

Potholes and landmine plague this field of dreams

A moment’s hesitation could seal your fate

Thoughts so easily slip away like sand in the wind

Time drifts away in the breeze

All swirling, whirling, confused and confined within itself

Memories bottled on a shelf slowly growing dust

All mashed together to form a surprisingly elegant collage

A single frame to contain all of them seems impossible

A tight squeeze to say the least

Instead they become lost moments once held so dear

Locked away in the darkest corners of our minds

Leaving us lost to the emotions of our hearts

We all find a seat in the empty hall for now,

knowing we will be called soon

Empty, void of all answers

Only questions remain in this Life Of  The Unknown

©2015 Shavon Taylor                                         ♥CloversAllOver♥