Care Fully

wp-image-1619756968jpg.jpgYou say you’re through, you’ve had enough.

You can no longer face it!

You say you’re heart’s gone cold.

You can no longer fake it!

Angry and bitter just hating the entire world.
You’re happy remaining faceless?

I know life’s hard, and I agree sometimes completely unfair.

Maybe it’s time to stopen acting and try to actually care

Care for yourself, forget everyone else!

It doesn’t matter what people think,  what you do is up to you!

Stop acting so damned helpless,  it’s okay to ask for help!

Remember you are NOT worthless!

Everyone makes mistakes, this is not the true test!

The best way to see the best in you is not in your misstep but in your recovery.

Not the slip, nor the slide, not even the the fall

What truly matters is getting back up!

The climb, the resistance to trouble, the sheer struggle!

None of this means much after all.

When you reach the peak, when you find the peace and the happiness you have for so long refused to seek.

Looking down, looking back at all you been through, everything you overcame.

Then looking out at all that now awaits you.


Though not fom the climb or the torture you put your mind, body and soul through,

No, your breath is taken by nothing more than the view

Your future could be so bright if you just chose to light it up!

You can’t give in now, you can’t choose to loose

Imagine the stories you’ll have to share when looking back on this time from up there!

Imagone the courage the pure strength of will

All this insight and so much more for you to shate,

All I ask of you now is just CARE

Believe me when I say you can and you will feel like you understand  everything and everyone once you see the view from up there!



“It’s like I just turn off”

Your words, not mine

I just witnessed this power down mere moments after seeing me

Isn’t it supposed to work oppositely?

Instead of turning on, you flick off

Instead of lifting me up, you tear down

You think I do nothing but waste my…and your time

I don’t know if you noticed, but things are not fine!

Tho it may not show, deep down I’m a complete wreck

It’s like my insides are gnawing, feeding on me

Eating a hole so big, I’m surprised you can’t see right thru

I know I act so incredibly tuff and unbreakable, honey don’t you see this is my disguise?

You say you want to see beyond my mask?

Yet when I reveal the truth,  the pain

 Seems you only want to hide

I realize it’s not easy for you either

Pacing your cage, flashing eyes of a tiger

Meanwhile deeper and deeper digging into the dirt searching, reaching  like weeping willows

Tho my purpose for the water is only to wash away my tears

Can’t you see it’s the distance? 

I disdain, loneliness!

One of my greatest fears

Worst of all babe, lately I couldn’t feel more alone even when you’re right beside me

©Shavon Taylor 10/14/15                                                ♥Clovers All Over♥

Trophy case

I just wanted to take a moment and thank all those who have viewed and those of you who are actually following me!! It’s truly amazing to me how quickly everything can tally up!! I went into my “Trophy  Case”** which honestly even just opening it was sooooooo exciting for me but I was amazed at what I saw:

“My, aren’t you a prolific publisher! Take a look at all the achievements you’ve earned so far. Maybe you should blog about ‘em.”


I thought I would listen so here is my lil blurb on my lil blog  😉

Thanks again everyone ❤


**For non-bloggers:”Trophy Case” is where you get lil awards for things like 5 likes/followers, or 20 likes/followers etc.

Comfortably Uncontrolled

A flurry of disaster, oh this blizzard I will master

I walk through this storm, albeit blindly

I have yet to see how these clouds bind me

I’ve merely seen a glimpse of the sunny field flowers

The thunder and lightning fuel my powers

Constantly crashing in upon the calm

Crushing dreams inside my own palm

Not willing to change one’s own ways

Inside I’ll stay for days and days

Trying to read others by what I’ve known

Thinkin’ all life’s lessons I’ve outgrown

I’ve learned all I must; I’m sure

By no means will I allow you to believe me pure

Innocent lil wind storms swirl into tornadoes

Unexpected showers become invincible undertows

My thoughts move mountains

My heart bathes in youth’s fountains

Although I know you will always remember me

Inside I am forgotten, no idea who I may be

Letting fate only take it’s course

Leave me alone in my remorse

Knowing all delusions made were my own

Complete insanity has become my home

How do you leave such a tiresome exciting place?

How do you say no to such an enticing face?

This hollow shell you think you know so well

This self-esteem comes straight from Hell

Letting go and living on

You will see me again,

In the crash of light we all call dawn

©2013 Shavon Taylor

Finally Free

As I contemplate all this change, I look around at all the good I’ve found.
Less than 6 months ago I had nothing, so in need.
The greed had taken over me, I’d lost myself.
Gone were my ideals, along with my moral ground.
Once you make up your mind you realize it takes so much less effort to live in the light.
Isn’t it funny how fast things can turn around?
It’s amazing how it all just feels so right!
Don’t be confused, I still battle my demons daily.
Yes it’s a bumpy ride but at least I’m back at the wheel.
I choose where my path shall lead.
I’m going the right direction this time, I can feel it.
Looking ahead now, that’s what I choose to do.
I will no longer look back with that aching dread.
For me; yesterday is gone, over, it’s dead.
My past is now where it belongs, where I have left it.
So it may never again define me, because today I am finally free.

© 2013 CloversAllOver Shavon Taylor

Who am I?

Few admit they know me, more so are those who knew me.
The ones who overcame, got bored of, or just outgrew me are the ones most often to speak freely.
No problem pointing fingers, yes they’re quick to name me.
I only wish that I could kill me, so as to never harm another like you.
To break my chains and forever remain the one you never knew.

I am leaving out the last line for the moment to give you a chance to try to guess. Would love to hear your thoughts or opinions…although I don’t think you can truly get the full effect of the poem with out the last line. That being said, happy guessing 🙂

© 2013 Shavon Taylor