I feel so alone sometimes

Usually that’s when I drift of into space in my mind

Often tho I find myself lost in there

Suddenly I’m confined

As my chest tightens I fear I’m running out of air

How can I be so frieghtening, even to me

These chains that hold me I know I can beat

For I know they aren’t real

Still I stay, unmoved

That’s not to say I do not feel

My past continues to harm me, I choose not to heal

Refusing to close the wounds, allowing none to disarm me

I know, tho rarely admit I am the source of my own insanity

I truly am the only one to blame, the only one able to make it all fade away

So why then you ask is this where I choose to stay?

Funny I ask myself the same thing every day.


2 thoughts on “Responsible

  1. PENGUIN says:

    U dont need to feel so alone sometimes. U know where to find me …

    Liked by 1 person

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