Can’t Get Me

I’ve waited for so long

How could it be I was so wrong?

All this time I thought you knew the words

All along in our heads 2 completely different songs

The lyrics don’t even resemble the ones I heard

I’ve grown tired of sleeping away my days and running through the nights

I know there is no escape for me so now I guess in turn there’s no escaping me

It’s true

Yearning is burning

The spark to ignite my soul, always searching

Something, damn near anything, just to fill the hole

The place in my heart

Where my dreams never went unheard

It is now nothing more than a mark

An etching that holds notions below the surface

Leaving the truth drowning in the ocean

Swollowing the darkend reality

I’m not afraid to face it

Just don’t wanna hafta fake

I can’t go on pretending everything will work out ok alrite?

Instead for now I’ll say good night and once again slip away from this reality

Back to the place where none shall ever judge nor come near enough to break thu

You can’t get to me


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